I recently suffered a significant injury as an ultra endurance runner. Lucky for me my coach referred me to Ien Hellemans for a thorough nutrition assessment. The role of sports nutrition I had truly underestimated for a long time and the changes Ien has made in my diet allowed me to recover quicker, run faster and stronger with more energy to maximize every session and daily vitality. I continue to work with Ien making sure I have the correct nutrition plan in place as I embark on a journey for my biggest ultra- distance race ahead. I highly recommend Ien!
— Marie Ford, Wanaka

Moving to the longer distance triathlon events I knew nutrition played a much bigger role in performance. With so many products on the market and different opinions circulating it was essential to seek professional advice. Ien has numerous years of involvement in high performance endurance sport and was my choice to provide guidance and help with my every day and race nutrition. Ien develops specific nutrition plans for each event I compete in taking into account race duration, temperature, aid station availability etc. This ensures I have the right amount of fluids and nutrition for any given scenario. We have reviewed the plan after each race and made adjustments. I now have a personalised plan I use and know nutrition won’t be my limiting factor. I completed my first Iron- distance race this year in 8hr32mins at Challenge Wanaka, this wouldn’t have been possible without Ien’s input.
— Mike Philips, Christchurch